Vegetable tanned leather

I work with vegetable tanned leather because it is more environmentally friendly than other leathers on the market.

The process of vegetable tanning is much more gentle on the leather so the fibres of the hide are more protected, resulting in leather that is more natural and longer lasting with a beautiful depth.

Vegetable tanning involves dipping the hides in barks, minerals and other natural elements; a process that can take months to complete and is subsequently more expensive than chrome tanning. (Chrome tanning is a much faster and cheaper process taking only days to produce, however it uses harsh chemicals and to my mind can lose the beauty of the hide itself, becoming much more generic in look.)

Vegetable tanned leather is highly sought after because of the way it ages and, being a porous material, will draw the natural oils from your hands, thus creating a unique patina that develops over time. Despite this, it should be treated in a similar way to how we treat our skin, which is why I 'feed' all of my bags with a hide care cream to help protect from unwanted elements. It is important to give a little extra help along the way. 

There are very few natural tanneries left and it would be a bitter blow to the world of leather if we were to lose this centuries old technique, which is why so many leather workers make it their leather of choice.

Thank you for supporting our industry.