A little about me

Welcome to Pippin Scott Leather Works, I am Paula Eastman, sole creator and owner and I would like to thank you for visiting my site. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries or questions.

I am based in Morden, Surrey and work from a fantastic workshop which is at the bottom of my garden. It’s here that my bag-weary husband knows to bring tea when I am creating.

I have worked with leather for over 15 years, but it was roughly three years ago I decided to make the leap from shoe making into bag making. "Why?", I hear you cry, "I love shoes!" Well, me too, but not as much as I love bags - bags with gloriously luxurious linings, bags with lots of pockets, bags that look fabulous whilst still being practical.

 "Where can I get hold of these wondrous bags of which you speak?" Look no further - you just found them.

I have studied hard and practised traditional forms of hand stitching for years.

Each design comes from me and what I am inspired by. I am a keen gardener who relishes the colour palette that nature has to offer. Nature is not afraid to mix pinks with purples, reds and oranges and we celebrate these as soon as spring allows us each year, so why not carry a little of that with us through the other seasons as well?

I use vegetable tanned leather because it is not only kinder to the environment but is also a simply wonderful material. It will take on the oils from your skin and other elements from your environment and these will slowly change the colour of the leather, giving it a depth and patina that make your bag unique.

For the lining I use a selection of different materials including soft suede, luxurious Merino wool woven in the UK and stunning traditional waxed batik cottons.

I am never happier than when working with leather and every bag I create is made with the utmost love and care.